Song sequence #1 : “Ey Sandakaara”, Irudhi Suttru (Sudha Kongara, 2016)

“Ey sandakaara”, from Irudhi Suttru (Sudha Kongara, 2016).

Music : Santhosh Narayanan / Lyrics : Vivek / Singer : Dhee

Director : Sudha Kongara / Cinematographer : Sivakumar Vijayan

Santhosh Narayanan’s kaleidoscopic music, mixing violin sessions, flute, harmonium and “home-made” beatbox rhythm sounds, gives birth to this never-heard-before slow and bluesy folk song, with a perfectly suitable picturization.
And there is this haunting voice, Dhee’s warm and broken voice, just like made for the rough and tomboyish character of Madhi (Ritika Singh).
As the lyrics by Vivek seems to hop on the music notes, the song unfolds and invites us into Madhi’s mind, into the heartbeats of her budding love for her boxing coach, Prabhu (Madhavan).
And here is the revolutionary thing, the too rare fact in tamil cinema : a one-sided love song with a female point of view, a song that describes the innocence and the clumsy seduction attempts of a seventeen’s years old girl.

I’ll post an article about other facets of Irudhi Suttru, soon.
Until that, listen to this gem of a song and enjoy the whole album !

Shakila Z.