Remembering Sujatha’s words

I just learned that writer Sujatha would have turned 84 today.

Millions words would be needed to explain the importance of this master of words, this Srirangam’s child in Tamil literature and cinema. He, the engineer, who has contributed so much to popularize technology to the greatest number, has also done a lot to make literature accessible to all, especially through magazines. This constant concern for the masses and not for a small elite is what touches me the most in Sujatha.

He is Kannathil Muthamittal’s soul, the one who penned the original story, Kudai, the one who wrote those beautiful dialogues, the one who, somehow, inspired Madhavan’s writer character in the movie, who just like Sujatha did in real life, takes his wife’s name, Indira, as allonym.

Sujatha’s soul especially impregnates this flashback sequence (between 2’36 and 4’50) :

Capture d’écran 2019-05-03 à 19.46.55Capture d’écran 2019-05-03 à 19.48.03


Again, a legend who should be celebrated so much more.

Happy birthday dear Sujatha.